Come Have a Beer With Us AUGUST 5!


Greenway Meetup Tuesday August 5 at 6 PM
At Downtown Home & Garden’s 210 S. Ashley Parking Lot
- Let’s Talk Greenway! -
- Let’s Talk Trails! -
- Let’s Talk Beer! -
Have you checked out our new interactive Walking Tour of the Greenway?  While still under-construction, our volunteer Melissa Zagorski, has diligently created this great resource! Thanks you for your hard work, Melissa! Go to the walking tour link here.
ACGC Interactive Walking Tour
Saturday May 17th’s Greenway Community Design Charrette was quite a success!  With over 100 people in attendance, even one of our Wastenaw County Commissioner came for some free pizza! Thanks go to our sponsors, MillionMile Greenway and the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation for making it possible. And Pizza Pino for some great eats! Love that Primavera Pizza. Email, if you would like to contribute thoughts, pictures, questions, or ideas for our future greenway trail!


What’s Happening at the

Allen Creek Greenway Conservancy?


  • To promote the creation of a greenway system aligned with the Ann Arbor Railroad in downtown Ann Arbor
  • To provide a non-motorized path for safe, sustainable transportation
  • To protect and preserve the Allen Creek floodplain

Introducing the Allen Creek Greenway – Watch to learn more!

The Allen Creek Greenway Conservancy is helping develop a multipurpose Greenway connection along the historic alignment of the Allen Creek featuring:

placeholder for map
  • A green walking and bicycle pathway located in the Ann Arbor Railroad right-of-way, running from the University of Michigan athletic complex to Argo Dam and the Huron River
  • Greenway anchor parks occupying the three city-owned floodplain/floodway properties (the northeast corner of First and William Streets; 415 W. Washington; and 721 N. Main) and other sites to be added later as they become available.
  • Connections to the downtown Ann Arbor commercial and retail business district, restaurants, and cultural activities.
  • Access to existing parks and natural areas such as West Park and the Huron River
  • A clear path for flood waters during extreme flood events.
  • A great park and recreation area to complement a denser and more active downtown.

Establishing the pathway and the first three parks will provide the basis for a substantial, full-scale Allen Creek Greenway. We will never have a better opportunity than now to set aside these three public properties for Greenway parks.

What it means for Ann Arbor

The Greenway will establish a context for the growth of residential, commercial, retail, and cultural development in Ann Arbor with the built-in guarantee of open space for recreation, alternative transportation, and nature.

Both the downtown area near First Street and the North Main Street area will be transformed into green parks, connected by a safe pathway for active transportation: walking, cycling, skating, and more.

Imagine these possibilities . . .

415 W. Washington, just south of the YMCA
click here to enlarge

First and William, just east of Liberty Lofts

the high side of 721 N. Main at Summit, looking toward downtown