The Big Picture View of the Allen Creek Greenway

We begin our tour of the Allen Creek Greenway with an aerial view view of the proposed sites. The greenway stretches from south of the Michigan Stadium (on your left) all the way to the Huron River to the north (on your right). Definite locations for the greenway are colored in green whereas possible locations are colored orange.

The \


South Campus / East Stadium Blvd Area

The tour begins at the very southern tip of the greenway, just south of the Michigan Stadium near Briarwood Mall. Here, the Allen Creek passes through the beautiful University of Michigan golf course. Golfers here enjoy its silent presence. The creek serves an important function in this area.

Allen Creek running through Michgan Golf Course Ponds by Briarwood Mall Another picture of the creek running through the golf course


East Stadium Blvd and State Street

As we proceed along the railroad tracks…

Stadium / Hill Area


Liberty and Huron Streets

The intersection of Madison and Jefferson is currently an unsightly rail yard.

Madison and Jefferson Area


William And Liberty

Between William street and Liberty currently exists a parking lot which is underused and unsightly. As you can see below, the transformation to a public park would be both beautiful and highly functional for both tourists and locals alike.

William and Liberty Site

Between Liberty and Huron Street

The area between Liberty Street and Huron in downtown Ann Arbor will become a focal point of downtown activity.

      415 Washington Street Plan Between Liberty and Washington Between Washington and Huron


North Main Area And Huron River

As the Allen Creek nears its outlet at the Huron River just off of North Main Street, so does the Greenway. This beautiful area will become beautiful and functional parkland as the old rail yard is reclaimed.


The Allen Creek Greenway will provide both the citizens of Ann Arbor as well as its many visitors new recreational opportunities while at the same time introducing natural beauty right into the heart of the downtown

    Allen Creek Empties into the Huron River           The Depot Street Site The Summit and Depot Street Area